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Mary Beth's Bakery LogoDear Friends and Customers:

I started Mary Beth's Bakery inside Breakfast in the Park in 1982. I've loved creating and developing my "from scratch" recipes over the years ... and watching others enjoy the baked goods that came to them fresh from the oven. When my mother, Alice, retired in the Fall of 2010, and closed the cafe, I considered career alternatives - some that included baking and some that did not. A recent accident gave me reason to pause and reflect. Out of that came a desire and determination to return to baking and bring the same "fresh from the oven" baked good to customers that enjoy my plump cinnamon rolls, healthy breads, oversized muffins, Ghirardelli chocolate brownies and delicious cookies.

Though my re-entry into baking will initially have some limitations due to the accident which resulted in a broken shoulder, I am sending you my contact information in the hopes that you might have a lead for me that will enable me to return to the world of baking, which I love.

Contact Info: 714 235 5253 or

Heartfelt thanks!
Mary Beth
Mary Beth Gustafson